builds strength, focus and flexibility

Sessions are accessible wether you are curious to discover yoga or practice regularly.

We will plan the postures and breath exercices at the beginning of the class, according to your how you feel.



● Hatha yoga : Vinyasa (flows) / Sivananda tradition (more static)

● Yoga for adults and kids

45 to 90 minutes

📍 At your home, workplace, outside … or I can arrange a place for us

👁 1 to 12 participants

Structure of the sessions :

● Introduction and breath exercices

● Sun salutations

● Asanas (postures)

● Relaxation between the postures (in Sivananda inspired classes)

● Final relaxation and a meditation time


📖 If you are interested to know more about the Yoga and its history, I will happily provide some reading inspiration

📞 Contact me to schedule a class or for any question !